What In The World Am I Doing?

“Your writing will be the mechanism that extends your impact in the world”

Now that’s a heck of a quote huh?  It actually is my own synopsis of a prophecy that someone gave me at Church one Sunday.  It was a normal day in the fall / winter time, maybe back in 2007 or so.  I was sitting down at a table in the gym eating my lunch, when someone (who I shall not name, but I surely remember who she is) approached me and said “Horace, do you write?”  I said “Nope, not really” and left it at that.  She then proceeded to tell me about a conversation that she had with the Father and in that conversation my writing came up.  At the end of the conversation she just said “Well, you should start writing.” and walked away.

To that point I had always questioned that prophecy, NOT because I don’t believe in prophecy from the Father, but I do question the subject he spoke about in that prophecy.  That being said I believe that “you need two or three witnesses to make a case” thus I didn’t dismiss nor discard the first persons statement; I just filed it away and always remembered the discussions.  Low and behold that discussion was the first of MANY times people have said that I should write something.

I’ve always had my own questions about my writing:

  • Who would want to read what I say?
  • How do I go about writing anything?
  • I rarely get my thoughts across crisply in spoken work, but writing?
  • What would I talk about?

Those are a few of my standard responses from the past 5 or so years when people reach out to me and ask me to start writing.  I always wonder why people would want to see anything I would write.  I always process myself as an ordinary guy that has experienced some interesting things in life and can package most stories into some sort of teachable moment; but never in my wildest dreams would I think someone would want to read about it.  Yet and still, here we are, the first post of a blog.

Why blog, and why now…

Interestingly enough, I did take the young lady’s advice seriously and I started writing things down.  Nothing serious, and most of that stuff is on a thumb drive somewhere that I’d have to go dig up.  I also have a host of things I’ve written that are just tucked away in an Evernote folder for me to see only.  I feel it’s time to change that.  I’ll admit I have no clue how to go get followers for a blog, but I have to start somewhere and this seems much less daunting than writing a full book, plus I “dare not despise the day of small beginnings”…

Thus , here we are — on day 1 of my blog.  I have no clue what I’ll write about going forward, but I’ll attempt to be all of the things outlined on the “About Me” page for sure.  I also hope to showcase some of my photos in this blog , which is why I picked this format; to showcase photography and do some blogging at the same time.  All of the photos won’t be by me, but if it is by me I’ll surely say something (like the photo in this post of the gears of the famous Salzburg Glockenspiel, or the picture in my “About me” page of the modern Bramante Staircase at the Vatican Museum).  My photography isn’t the greatest, but I like taking it, so therefore it’s phenomenal to me.

Over time I want to make sure I get something in this blog to make it somewhat interactive; you know, have people ping me about topics they would like to hear about.  I don’t know how to do that as I’m still in the Blogging 101 class, but I’ll get there.  For now, I’ll just live with people making comments about my posts.

And with that, let’s go start up that #TiggsIV tagline and get….


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